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   May 15

Check Your Labels!!!



The following chemicals are commonly found in cleaning and maintenance products.ARE any listed on labels of the products you’re using?

(Source:Department of Health, State of Texas)




Anti-bacterial soaps


Easily absorbed through your skin and attacks your liver.

Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Hydrochloric Bleach

Fumes burn your eyes, skin, throat, lungs, liver and heart. Causes vomiting.

Bug Remover (from vehicles)


Skin irritant. Fumes damage your lungs, nose and eyes.

Carpet Cleaners

Ammonium Hydroxide

Corrosive to touch. Fumes cause long-term damage to your eyes and lungs.


Carcinogenic. Damages your liver, kidneys and central nervous system

Cleaners & Detergents


Highly volatile. Damages your eyes, and skin. Fumes damage your lungs.

Ammonium Hydroxide

Corrosive. Irritant to your lungs, eyes and skin


Burns your eyes and skin and lungs. Causes vomiting, heart problems.


Suspected carcinogen. Damages your eyes, lungs and skin.

Diethylene glycol

Fumes harm your central nervous system, liver and kidneys


Highly toxic carcinogen. Present in most carpet, fabrics and coloring.

Hydrochloric Bleach

Fumes burn your lungs, eyes & skin. Causes vomiting and heart problems.


Carcinogen. Damages your lungs and nervous system. Distorts your DNA

Petroleum Solvents

Fire danger. Irritates your skin, eyes, nose, throat & lungs. Skin cancer.

Potassium Hydroxide

Caustic. Burns your eyes and skin. Fumes cause internal tissue damage

Sodium Hypochlorite

Highly toxic. Burns eyes and skin. Causes lung edema, coma and death.


Destroys your liver, kidneys and central nervous system.


Easily absorbed through your skin. Causes liver damage.


Petroleum Solvents

High fire danger. Irritates skin, eyes, throat & lungs. Skin & lung cancer.

Dish Washer Detergents


Fatal. #1 cause of child poisonings. Burns skin & eyes. Attacks tissue cells.


Poisons your liver


Depresses and damages your central nervous system



Burns eyes and skin and lungs. Can cause vomiting and heart problems.


Attacks your liver, spleen, pancreas & central nervous system


Fire danger. Eye irritant. May damage your vision

Drain Cleaners

Hydrochloric Acid

Highly corrosive. Damages your liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and eyes.


Damages your liver, kidneys and central nervous system.

Furniture Polish

Diethylene glycol

Fumes harm your central nervous system, liver and kidneys

Petroleum Distillates

Fire danger. Carcinogenic. Linked to lung and skin cancer.


Causes cold sweats, convulsions, circulatory collapse, coma and death

Glass Cleaners


Highly volatile. Fumes damage your eyes, skin and lungs.

Diethylene glycol

Fumes harm your central nervous system, liver and kidneys



Highly volatile. Fumes damage your eyes, skin and lungs.


Burns eyes, skin & lungs. Can cause vomiting, pulmonary edema and coma

Calcium Hypocrite

Burns your skin and eyes. Fumes damage your lungs


Burns your skin & eyes. Fumes attack your internal tissue cells.

Linear Alkyl ate Sulfonate

Residue on clothes absorbed through skin. Suspected cause of liver damage

Sodium Tripolyphosphates

Absorbable via skin from clothes. Damages tissues & mucous membranes.

Lice Poison


Causes vomiting, convulsions, liver damage, cancer and birth defects.


Breathing difficulties, rapid heartbeat, unconsciousness and convulsions

Pesticides & Flea Powders


Highly toxic. Fumes damage your lungs, skin and cardiovascular system.

Chlorinate Hydrocarbons

Attacks central nervous system. Accumulates in tissue cells. Carcinogenic.


Fumes are toxic to your brain cells. Causes decline in mental functions


Damages liver, kidneys, and lungs. Causes brain hemorrhage and death


Kills by attacking central nervous system. Damages your liver, spleen and lungs. Attacks your brain. Causes loss of memory and mental functions.


Extremely toxic. Attacks your central nervous system


Highly toxic. Attacks your central nervous system

Vehicle Care

Petroleum Distillates

Fire danger. Carcinogenic. Linked to lung and skin cancer.

Petroleum Solvents

Fire danger. Irritates skin, eyes, nose & lungs. Causes skin & lung cancer.


Skin irritant. Fumes cause eye, nose and lung damage.

Send toxic chemicals to the hazardous waste dump.


Do you use any of these products?  If you do, STOP!!!

Labeled Toxic Ingredient:
TALC, Carcinogenic and a risk factor for ovarian cancer; lung irritant.

Labeled or Unlabeled Toxic Ingredient:
ORTHOPHENYLPHENOL (OPP): Carcinogenic; irritant.

Unlabeled Toxic Ingredients:

CRYSTALLINE SILICA, Carcinogenic; eye, skin and lung irritant.

NOTE: Carcinogenicity of silica is admitted in 1994 Material Safety and Data Sheet (MSDS).
(Manufacturer claims to have reduced silica levels since 1993.)



Unlabeled Toxic Ingredient:

CRYSTALLINE SILICA, Carcinogenic; eye, skin and lung irritant.

Labeled Toxic Ingredients:
FD&C BLUE #1, Carcinogenic.
SACCHARIN, Carcinogenic.
FLUORIDE, Possibly carcinogenic.

Labeled Toxic Ingredients:
FORMALDEHYDE, Carcinogenic; neurotoxic; contact dermatitis and sensitizer.
POLYSORBATE 80, Generally contaminated with the carcinogen 1,4-dioxane.
FD&C RED #4, Carcinogenic.
FRAGRANCE, Wide range of undisclosed ingredients; contact dermatitis.

Cover Girl Natural Finish Make Up

Labeled Toxic Ingredients


BHA, Carcinogenic.
TALC, Carcinogenic; Lung Irritant.
TRIETHANOLAMINE (TEA), Interacts with nitrites to form carcinogenic nitrosamines.
LANOLIN, Often contaminated with DDT and other carcinogenic pesticides.
PARABENS, Contact dermatitis.
FRAGRANCE, Wide range of unlabeled, untested, and toxic ingredients; contact dermatitis.



Labeled Toxic Ingredient

PROPOXUR, Carcinogenic; neurotoxic.

Labeled Toxic Ingredient

SODIUM 2,4-DICHLOROPHENOXYACETATE (2,4-D), Carcinogenic with evidence of casual relation to lymphoma, soft tissue sarcoma and other cancers ; neurotoxic; reproductive toxin.

Do you want to learn about safer, healthier alternatives for your family?  Would you believe it will even save you money?  Contact us to learn how to eliminate toxins from your home and enviornment.

   May 15

It’s Time To Sound The Alarm & Wake Up!!!

One of the biggest things I notice since doing away with cleaners with chemicals, is that when I go into a store that stocks them, I literally gag when I am a few aisles over from them in the store.  I was in Sam’s Club over the weekend and really not paying much attention, talking with the kids and suddenly I was hit with the noxious smell of the chemical cleaners that are outgassing their containers.  It was so strong and I was a few aisles away.  I could not even imagine going down the aisle let alone putting any of those caustic agents in my cart.  It is absolutely repulsive to me now that I know better.

The best thing is that my safe, non-toxic cleaners clean better than any chemical or homemade cleaner around.   It is great to recommend them to friends who want to get permanent marker off something, or candle wax or gum out of a tablecloth or carpet.  I like to show it to them, watch their reaction when their problem stain is gone before their eyes and let them know they could drink the cleaner and be okay.  See they are under the impression for a cleaner to do that, it has to be filled with chemicals.  When I explain not only are they safe, not only can you mop your floors with the cleaner and then throw the dirty mop water on your plants and they will grow lush and full, you will save money because they cost less.  That is when their ears are open and they want to know all about how they can detox their house.  They will be the next ones gagging in the store as they near the cleaning aisle.  Now, if we can get everyone to listen and see the harm in those cleaners we can eradicate them from the stores altogether. We can cause one less pregnant employee or shopper to be subjected to the harmful air quality created by the chemicals.  Stop them from being sold and children poisoned every day in their own homes from ingesting these toxins.  Isn’t it time your alarm went off?  Isn’t it time to WAKE UP?

Take Action:

If you would like to learn more about how you can have safe, healthy products in your home, how to rid your home of toxins and realize all the health benefits as well as the savings, contact us and we will give you all the information you need to make an  informed decision.  Don’t you owe it to your family to find out the facts?

   Apr 30

Extreme Couponing Dangers!!!

There is a show on TLC that profiles people who spend as much time as a full-time job collecting, buying and clipping coupons.  Then they spend hours making a list and rationing out the coupons for their purchases each week.  On the show you will find people buying things like 100 bottles of laundry detergent, 60 boxes of dryer sheets, 200 tubes of toothpaste, 50 bottles of shampoo, 30 bottles of skin lotion, cases of deodorant and so on.  Now they put all these products in an arrangement they call their “stock pile.”  They brag about how most of the items end up being free and how they never need to buy toothpaste again. The repeat this same process every week and their stock pile consistently grows.   When some look at this they may think that is seems pretty sweet to have a stock pile like that.  To others it may seem like the next step for these extreme couponers is an episode of Extreme Hoarders.  Either way you look at it though, there is one resounding truth.  The products that they are stock piling are dangerous, chemical filled, cancer causing and not eco-friendly.

So let me ask, how much do those product really cost them?  Sure, they may get them for free but what is it costing their family, the ones who are paying the price?  The ones who are brushing their teeth with formaldehyde, wearing clothing full of toxic chemicals that don’t rinse out in the wash but are then coated with more chemicals from the anti-static dryer sheets.   Makes one want to shower reading that but please don’t use soaps and shampoos from that stockpile because you will just be trying to clean off chemicals with more chemicals and toxins and then of course you are going to need a towel after the shower and  you can start the whole process again.  The chemicals are sneaky though and they quickly pass through the largest organ of the body, your skin.  It is no wonder why Cancer, Infertility, Birth Defects, Miscarriage, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Central Nervous System Disorders, Alzheimer’s, and more are on the rise.

The stock piles are also poisoning the air quality in their home.  The chemical filled toxic cleaners are out gassing their containers.  Have you ever noticed that when you go down the cleaning ailse in your store, it stinks.  That is because the toxins and chemicals are out gassing their containers.  So as people create these supermarket cleaning aisles in their homes, now they are adding even more danger to their house and family because they are poisoning the air.

When they look at everything and think of their family, they are bound to come to the conclusion that these products are costing more than they even want to think about.  I urge extreme couponers to educate themselves about the products they are buying.  Imagine how much more time they would have to spend with their family if they stopped this insanity and invested just a little bit of time finding out how they could get safe, healthy, products for their family.  It would make everyone breath easier.

   Apr 24

Are You Still Using Chlorine Bleach?

Got Bleach?

Your grandmother and your mother probably used it a lot.  Maybe they still do, maybe you are using it too.  Do you know that Chlorine Bleach is not a safe product to use to eliminate germs?  Are you aware that it is actually very harmful to humans, pets, plants and the environment?  I bet you knew that bleach and products containing bleach can cause burns, but did you know it can cause central nervous system damage, can irritate allergies and asthma and cause serious complications in individuals who suffer from either of those?

Chlorine bleach can cause a lot of problems when used alone but there are even bigger and more deadly issues that result from chemical reactions when bleach is mixed with other substances.  If bleach is mixed with ammonia the gas created can cause grave harm to any individual  breathing it in, even  death.  Now, maybe you know of the dangers of mixing bleach and ammonia but if you are using bleach to clean your bathroom then it is probably mixing with urine which is primarily ammonia.  You may think if you have been using this for years that it can’t be bad, think again.

Small doses of the gas may go unnoticed but they cause a great deal of harm especially if there is inadequate ventilation.  When bleach is mixed with organic material like blood, pet accidents, mud, and lots of substances you will encounter if you use it to clean your bathroom and do your laundry, it can produce chloroform a known toxin and carcinogen.  Accidental poisoning with bleach in children and pets is something to be very concerned about.  If you think you need bleach to kill germs, make your whites white, and leave your toilet bowl sanitized, think again.  There are much safer alternatives for your family, ones that will not cause deadly fumes or serious burns.



   Apr 23

Spring Cleaning Should Not Be Toxic To Your Family!!!

Toxic Clean???

I want to share something with you that I have been thinking about for a while now. I think we are all aware of the movement in recent years to “go green.” However, I don’t think as consumers we are as aware as we should be and take many things at face value. You may be wondering, what I mean? Let’s talk about cleaners that are marketed as “green,” do you really know what that means? Do you go to the supermarket and see the new cleaners packaged with flowers on the label and called “green something”, toss it in your cart and think you are doing something good for your family and the environment? I did. I used to, if it said it was “green”, “eco-friendly”, “plant based”, I was all for it. Then, I would take my products home and feel good that I was not using harmful cleaning agents.

If you take a look at the commercials that market household products to us like laundry detergent, they will usually be focused on the smell, and how even after 7 days, the smell is still as strong or how they have fabric softeners added right in, so you will never forget. Then, we are told to control static cling by adding a dryer sheet to our clothing in the clothes dryer. It is easy to get wrapped up in the scents of detergents; don’t you want to go to sleep with your blanket as soft as a cloud and smelling like lavender? What we don’t hear about is, the nasty side of all this. The chemicals that are in these products, the toxins that we are cleaning our family’s clothing with, the dryer sheets that are filled with toxic chemicals that we throw in and then heat our dryer up to make sure we release every bit of it onto our clothing. Clothing we wear on our skin, the largest organ that is just absorbing these toxins in.

When we think about the ugly side, it is no wonder that incidents of childhood cancers, infertility, premature menses, autism, ADHD, and other cancers are rising dramatically. Cancers that have no hereditary links, but are due to environmental factors. I know this too well, our teenage son was diagnosed last June with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. We have no risk factors, so if you ask me if I believe that environment and the agents we are exposed to are causing us harm, I think you know what my answer is.

The problem is that most of the time when we go about putting our homes on a detox, that the very products we are replacing them with, are as toxic or more toxic then what we were using. How can that be? Do you know what it takes for a cleaning agent to be deemed “green”? Did you know that a product can be marketed as “green” if it is biodegradable? Are you are using products that are so strong they have warnings on them, not to inhale, only use in ventilated area, harmful to people and pets, may cause eye and skin irritation etc? Do you think these products could be healthy for your family?

I find it amazing that we are marketed wipes and sprays that are said to kill the germs like the rhinovirus and influenza and we are advised to spray all the surfaces in our home, doorknobs, telephones, hard surfaces and the air. Did you know that these very wipes and sprays are not to be inhaled or ingested? Yet, we spray the surfaces we will surely be touching and we are spraying it in the air we are sure to be breathing. Okay, so you may be thinking that you don’t use any of those germicide sprays, you only use air fresheners with pleasing scents like cinnamon and vanilla. You may want to take a look at the back of your air freshener, plug-ins, scented candles, and linen sprays. Very likely, you will find that you should not be breathing these agents in. Why then are we told they are room sprays, air fresheners, room deodorizers when we are not to be breathing them in? Why in the world are we spraying these in our homes and making our air quality unhealthy to breathe?

Then, we can talk about beauty products, skin creams, cosmetics, scrubs, shampoos, baby products which have come under much scrutiny lately for containing chemicals and toxins. A major name in baby care products that we trusted for generations, was found to have 2 cancer causing chemicals in their baby shampoo and products. So you might think that once this was discovered, the FDA ordered all of the products off the store shelves. That is not the case and the company is gradually phasing the use of these chemicals out of their baby products and I believe they plan to have this done sometime in the next 2 years.

Again, there we are, trusting consumers, once again being sold “gentle” products with known carcinogens that we are applying to our most precious little lives. Scary isn’t it? What can we do? It seems we are misled, we can’t believe labels, and we have to be skeptical. Are you still using these products? Is the cabinet under your sink filled with chemical cleaning agents with safety caps, and warnings? If you are truly interested in detoxing your home, and getting rid of the harmful agents, please contact me. You might be thinking that you cannot find products that will do what you need them to do and are natural. I can tell you, that you can. I can show you products that will work as well as chlorine bleach, products that will kill germs and sanitize without putting your family at risk. Products that you will be on average less than the products you are buying in the grocery store. Products that will give you some peace of mind. If you have any questions, please contact me as I would love to help you. It is almost time for Spring Cleaning!!!