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   May 14

Is Your Antibacterial Soap Safe?

With all the superbugs and illness around us it is easy to try protecting ourselves and are family with antibacterial soap. But did you know that there is a chemical antibacterial agent in most called triclosan?

So what is triclosan? I’m glad you asked, it is a synthetic pesticide and do you know it can be found in the urine of 75% of people tested in a study who use antibacterial soaps with triclosan.

Lysol 3 hand soap

So what is the significance?  Well, triclosan has been linked to cancer, hormone disruption, liver damage and multiple other illnesses.  The danger does not end there, it breaks down in the environment and is a serious threat as it breaks down into very toxic chemicals which include a form of dioxin and carcinogenic chloroform.


So do you have antibacterial soaps in your home? Check the label and see if they contain triclosan. I will give you a heads up, they more than likely do since nearly all manufacturers of those soaps use the chemical.


Some reports go as far to say remove any product labeled antibacterial from your home as it contains triclosan, but that is not the case anymore. There is at least one manufacturer in the United States that has antibacterial hand soap that does not contain any toxic chemicals including triclosan. The hand soap is powered with the disinfecting power of herb thyme and citric acid from lemons.

Lemons Thyme

I am a germaphobe and I have antibacterial soap in my home but it is safe and triclosan free.  Don’t let manufactures expose your family to harmful, life-threatening chemicals.  Get educated and take charge of the products you bring in your home.

So what about you? Are you using soap with triclosan?  Let me know and share your experience with us.


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