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   Jul 15

Asthma and Wheezing Affecting Your Kids? Take a Good Look Under Your Sink!!!

All kinds of respiratory conditions are on the rise in children and adults.  Allergies and asthma are affecting those who have never suffered before as well as children.  I speak with people every day who are looking for a solution to harsh chemical cleaners that are causing health problems.  Just yesterday I spoke with a woman who never had any respiratory problems and her doctor told her it is linked to the bleach and disinfectants she is cleaning with. I was thrilled to help her find  alternatives that work better and a way to detox her home to change the air quality.  What is under your sink, in your air, on your lawn, on your kids, pets and all the surfaces in your home?  It is prudent to take a good look around your house.  Your home should be a haven not a toxic waste dump.

Researchers from Bristol University, UK, have indicated that household chemicals such as bleach, paint stripper, carpet cleaners are causing childhood asthma and wheezing.

The researchers followed 14,000 kids from birth. They discovered that families which frequently used household cleaning products had much higher incidences of asthma and wheezing among their children.

The researchers said there is a clear link between childhood asthma and wheezing and frequent use of household cleaning products.

According to the research, children were twice as likely to develop breathing problems if their mother/father frequently used these products (in comparison to households that used them the least).

In this study, the following household products were the most likely to cause childhood breathing problems if used frequently:

— Disinfectant

— Bleach

— Carpet Cleaner

— Window Cleaner

— Dry Cleaning Fluid

— Aerosols

— Turpentine

— Air Freshener

— Paint Stripper

— Paint Or Varnish

— Pesticides Or Insecticides


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