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   May 15

It’s Time To Sound The Alarm & Wake Up!!!

One of the biggest things I notice since doing away with cleaners with chemicals, is that when I go into a store that stocks them, I literally gag when I am a few aisles over from them in the store.  I was in Sam’s Club over the weekend and really not paying much attention, talking with the kids and suddenly I was hit with the noxious smell of the chemical cleaners that are outgassing their containers.  It was so strong and I was a few aisles away.  I could not even imagine going down the aisle let alone putting any of those caustic agents in my cart.  It is absolutely repulsive to me now that I know better.

The best thing is that my safe, non-toxic cleaners clean better than any chemical or homemade cleaner around.   It is great to recommend them to friends who want to get permanent marker off something, or candle wax or gum out of a tablecloth or carpet.  I like to show it to them, watch their reaction when their problem stain is gone before their eyes and let them know they could drink the cleaner and be okay.  See they are under the impression for a cleaner to do that, it has to be filled with chemicals.  When I explain not only are they safe, not only can you mop your floors with the cleaner and then throw the dirty mop water on your plants and they will grow lush and full, you will save money because they cost less.  That is when their ears are open and they want to know all about how they can detox their house.  They will be the next ones gagging in the store as they near the cleaning aisle.  Now, if we can get everyone to listen and see the harm in those cleaners we can eradicate them from the stores altogether. We can cause one less pregnant employee or shopper to be subjected to the harmful air quality created by the chemicals.  Stop them from being sold and children poisoned every day in their own homes from ingesting these toxins.  Isn’t it time your alarm went off?  Isn’t it time to WAKE UP?

Take Action:

If you would like to learn more about how you can have safe, healthy products in your home, how to rid your home of toxins and realize all the health benefits as well as the savings, contact us and we will give you all the information you need to make an  informed decision.  Don’t you owe it to your family to find out the facts?

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