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   Apr 30

Extreme Couponing Dangers!!!

There is a show on TLC that profiles people who spend as much time as a full-time job collecting, buying and clipping coupons.  Then they spend hours making a list and rationing out the coupons for their purchases each week.  On the show you will find people buying things like 100 bottles of laundry detergent, 60 boxes of dryer sheets, 200 tubes of toothpaste, 50 bottles of shampoo, 30 bottles of skin lotion, cases of deodorant and so on.  Now they put all these products in an arrangement they call their “stock pile.”  They brag about how most of the items end up being free and how they never need to buy toothpaste again. The repeat this same process every week and their stock pile consistently grows.   When some look at this they may think that is seems pretty sweet to have a stock pile like that.  To others it may seem like the next step for these extreme couponers is an episode of Extreme Hoarders.  Either way you look at it though, there is one resounding truth.  The products that they are stock piling are dangerous, chemical filled, cancer causing and not eco-friendly.

So let me ask, how much do those product really cost them?  Sure, they may get them for free but what is it costing their family, the ones who are paying the price?  The ones who are brushing their teeth with formaldehyde, wearing clothing full of toxic chemicals that don’t rinse out in the wash but are then coated with more chemicals from the anti-static dryer sheets.   Makes one want to shower reading that but please don’t use soaps and shampoos from that stockpile because you will just be trying to clean off chemicals with more chemicals and toxins and then of course you are going to need a towel after the shower and  you can start the whole process again.  The chemicals are sneaky though and they quickly pass through the largest organ of the body, your skin.  It is no wonder why Cancer, Infertility, Birth Defects, Miscarriage, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Central Nervous System Disorders, Alzheimer’s, and more are on the rise.

The stock piles are also poisoning the air quality in their home.  The chemical filled toxic cleaners are out gassing their containers.  Have you ever noticed that when you go down the cleaning ailse in your store, it stinks.  That is because the toxins and chemicals are out gassing their containers.  So as people create these supermarket cleaning aisles in their homes, now they are adding even more danger to their house and family because they are poisoning the air.

When they look at everything and think of their family, they are bound to come to the conclusion that these products are costing more than they even want to think about.  I urge extreme couponers to educate themselves about the products they are buying.  Imagine how much more time they would have to spend with their family if they stopped this insanity and invested just a little bit of time finding out how they could get safe, healthy, products for their family.  It would make everyone breath easier.

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