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   Apr 24

Are You Still Using Chlorine Bleach?

Got Bleach?

Your grandmother and your mother probably used it a lot.  Maybe they still do, maybe you are using it too.  Do you know that Chlorine Bleach is not a safe product to use to eliminate germs?  Are you aware that it is actually very harmful to humans, pets, plants and the environment?  I bet you knew that bleach and products containing bleach can cause burns, but did you know it can cause central nervous system damage, can irritate allergies and asthma and cause serious complications in individuals who suffer from either of those?

Chlorine bleach can cause a lot of problems when used alone but there are even bigger and more deadly issues that result from chemical reactions when bleach is mixed with other substances.  If bleach is mixed with ammonia the gas created can cause grave harm to any individual  breathing it in, even  death.  Now, maybe you know of the dangers of mixing bleach and ammonia but if you are using bleach to clean your bathroom then it is probably mixing with urine which is primarily ammonia.  You may think if you have been using this for years that it can’t be bad, think again.

Small doses of the gas may go unnoticed but they cause a great deal of harm especially if there is inadequate ventilation.  When bleach is mixed with organic material like blood, pet accidents, mud, and lots of substances you will encounter if you use it to clean your bathroom and do your laundry, it can produce chloroform a known toxin and carcinogen.  Accidental poisoning with bleach in children and pets is something to be very concerned about.  If you think you need bleach to kill germs, make your whites white, and leave your toilet bowl sanitized, think again.  There are much safer alternatives for your family, ones that will not cause deadly fumes or serious burns.



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